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A mother always seeks the best for her child, and I am a mother of two, my daughter aged 14 years and studying in Grade IX and my son aged 9 years and currently in Grade IV. I am a Chartered Accountant and my husband is a technocrat from IIT. In all probability, I can assume that we are a well-educated family. Add to it, our 6 year post marriage professional stint in California, and you can add the tag of ‘well-travelled’ as well. When we came back to our roots in India, we settled in Ahmedabad, a city with all the modern amenities and yet a little less noise and buzz (Remember, I am comparing it to some of the more crowded metros Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, New York, LA… take your pick). I and my husband are extremely lucky that we have arrived in India at the right moment. American School Education system has made its formal and formidable foray in India through NWAC (now formally a part of AdvancED, the largest education agency in the world…yes the ‘LARGEST’… you read it right). Coming across the NWAC (we call it Northwest in the States) and AdvancED stamps of quality in US is a common occurrence, but to see such brands in India is a rare and happy occurrence. A well managed, well sorted and well recognized school education is a well deserved choice for my kids and for any kid actually…

I am thankful and lucky that we now don’t have to look far for American or Global level of schooling… I am a smart mother and I have already started enquiring about the enrollment of my kids. The world is shrinking and we have all seen that happening with many evidences around us. School Education needs a more global perspective and with global accreditation agencies arriving in India, the time is just right to grab this choice for our next generation…Cheers and Happy future to all…

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