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Twelve years ago when I got married and settled in US, I never thought of coming back to India. Today, my daughter wants us to come back to India and we are back into our native state Surat. By profession, I am a writer and my husband is a Chartered Accountant (CA). As a mother I want the best for my child. Compared to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or for that matter any metropolitan city, Surat is a very calm place. but it has all the modern amenities.

Initially  me and my husband were unsure about the decision of coming back to Surat? Was it right? Will we be able to settle here? will our daughter get proper education? Or should we have stayed in US only? But then my friend, Samantha told me about NWAC. NWAC is the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), which was earlier named the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

What exactly is NWAC?

It is an organization that accredits all types of schools from K-12, elementary, middle, and high schools. It also gives accreditation to schools offering distance education; non-degree-granting post-secondary institutions; and special purpose, supp­­­­­lementary education, travel education, and trans-regional schools in seven states in the northwestern United States. Previously an independent entity based in Boise, Idaho, it is now a part of AdvancED.

To hear about such a brand in India came as a big surprise to me. But at the same time it was a very happy and joyous moment for me. A well recognized and managed school education is a well deserved choice for my daughter. NWAC in India is truly something I was looking for.

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The next question that came to my mind and I asked Samantha was about the NWAC board approval. Is NWAC Board approved and valid? Samantha said that NWAC school qualification is as valid in India as CBSE. I was filled with immense joy. I was very thankful to her and felt lucky that a global level of schooling and education. NWAC board schools is available in India as well and that even in small cities like Surat.

Now, I started enquiring about NWAC Board approval and I came across SERI. While exploring their site I came to know that NWAC is approved by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) that falls under the Ministry of HRD.

I was satisfied. With such global accreditation agencies coming to India, it is the right time to enroll my daughter for her further education.


  1. Rahul Balodra said:

    is NWAC board valid in merchant navy ? some are saying they will reject you if you are from NWAC ?

    March 8, 2019
    • david frank said:

      NWAC Board results are valid and accepted in Merchant Navy. As the board is valid/recognized worldwide, there is absolutely no question of acceptance.

      May 27, 2019

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