NWAC Board schools in India­

In this article we going to discuss on NWAC Board schools in India as we all know ­Today, parents have a variety of options for educational boards, to choose from to enroll their children. It is not just CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) or ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). The Northwest Accreditation Commission commonly  known as NWAC is gaining popularity.

This board came into being as a voluntary organization on April 5, 1917 with a total of 25 secondary schools and eight higher institutions in four Northwestern states. Its popularity has now increased many folds.

It is a recognized board just li­ke CBSE. People who do not have complete information about NWAC, And think that  board is  not the right choice for their children. But it is totally wrong and NWAC Board schools in India is as recognized as NWAC Board USA.

As an organization accredits all types of schools from primary to elementary, from middle to high schools. It also gives accreditation to schools offering distance education; non-degree-granting post-secondary institutions; and special purpose, supplementary education, travel education, and trans-regional schools in seven states in the northwestern United States. Earlier it was an independent body in Boise, Idaho, but now it is a part of AdvancED.

How does Northwest Accreditation Commission in India compares to other programmes like CBSE and ICSE? Like other programmes, NWAC encourages high academic standards. Among the many benefits of  AdvancED accreditation for parents and school leaders is that it opens up many avenues for children as well as schools. When children realize that they are part of an international school, it increases their confidence and elevate them to a different level both academically and socially. They also makes sure that schools maintain high standards of excellence. It ensures that there is consistent improvement and development in schools that help both children and schools outshine others.

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This is one of the greatest benefits and privileges of being accredited by NWAC. It ensures that the school maintains high International standards of excellence. If the school is accredited by NWAC then it ought to be one of the best schools you can look for your children.

You can get more information about this board from School for E-Education Research & Innovation (SERI). Few of my acquaintances received information and guidance from their office which was very useful. It helped them a lot and they are now doing very well in their careers. After looking at such positive results, I can just say that NWAC will improve the overall landscape of education not only in India but all over the world.


  1. santhosh said:

    nwac certificate valied for government jobs like police ….please reply mee

    February 21, 2017
    • david frank said:

      NWAC certificate is valid for all public and private sector jobs all over India.

      May 30, 2019
  2. Surjit said:

    NWAC -NE is fake or real

    December 15, 2017
    • Alexander said:


      May 16, 2018

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