NWAC Board Information: Learn more about an International K-12 option

Northwest Accreditation Commission, USA or NWAC as it is commonly known, is a K-12 accrediting Regional Agency from the USA, commissioned by the Federal Govt. of USA, back in 1917, through a bill passed in the Federal Assembly of United States of America. To gather more of NWAC Board Information, one needs to refer to the website of AdvancED, which is the largest accreditation agency in the world and now the parent organization of NWAC, after a merger of NWAC with AdvancED in 2012. When parents say that they want more of NWAC Board information, then they are generally asking about the standards and practices related to schools accredited by NWAC (and now AdvancED). They want to know more about the American High School Diploma Program that is a common K-12 American Program. When school leadership wants to gather more of NWAC Board information, they are generally referring to the accreditation standards and quality protocols, about being a truly international school and about how they can secure AdvancED accreditation.

Over and above the many benefits of NWAC/AdvancED accreditation, what parents and school leadership must realize is that NWAC accreditation brings a whole new gamut of possibilities for the children as well as schools. Being part of an international school elevates the children academically and socially to an entirely different level. It also ensures that there are consistent improvements and developments in the school that keep the students and the school ahead of peers.

This in itself is one of the greatest incentives and privileges of being a part of an NWAC/AdvancED accredited the K-12 school. The entire school ecosystem that the student is a part of, is aligned to the best international standards and practices, if it is accredited by NWAC/AdvancED.

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To gather more of NWAC Board information, parents can specifically contact the Regional office of NWAC/AdvancED in India. It is called School for E-Education Research & Innovation. I know of someone who has received very able and important guidance from their office and is now doing exceptionally well in his career. All said and done, NWAC/AdvancED is certainly going to improve the overall landscape of K-12 education in India and the world.

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