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As NWAC is gaining popularity, people including teachers, parents and school leaders all want to know more and more about it. When parents want to know about the NWAC Board Information, they want to know about the standards and environment that their children will get at the school. When school leaders inquire about NWAC Board Information, they want information about accreditation standards and quality protocols.

So there are many questions and queries among people regarding NWAC. Today we will try to answer some of the common questions that people generally ask related to NWAC.

What is NWAC?

Northwest Accreditation Commission USA or NWAC as it is commonly known, is a K-12 accrediting Regional Agency from the USA, commissioned by the Federal Govt. of USA, back in 1917, through a bill passed in the Federal Assembly of United States of America.

Is NWAC valid?

NWAC board is as valid as CBSE.

Is NWAC Government approved?

Yes. It is approved by AIU (Association of Indian Universities) that falls under the Ministry of HRD.

Can NWAC student get admission in other school? 

Students passing out through NWAC can get admission in any school or college in any part of the world.

Is NWAC recognized all over the world?

YES. Just as students who pass CBSE board can go to US for further education, similarly students passing out from NWAC board can go for further education in any part of the world.

How is NWAC helpful?

NWAC provides international standards of excellence which are beneficial not only for schools but also for parents, teachers and students.

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​Has NWAC any value?

Absolutely YES. Today students of Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc are also preferring to pass their 12th through NWAC. At the end of the day, what matters is the knowledge not from where you have got your certificate.

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has granted equivalence to NWAC courses with those of other recognized Boards for the purpose of admission to higher education.

Other big advantage of NWAC Board is that it is not only available in big cities but also in small cities. What else can you ask for – getting global standards of education even in small cities of India.

I hope this information about NWAC in India and NWAC Board approval is helpful. If you still have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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