Northwest Accreditation Commission Board | NWAC Board is Valid and an absolute preference

Northwest Accreditation Commission Board and NWAC, USA as it is commonly called, is one of the six Regional Accrediting Agencies formed around the first or the second decade of the 20th century (yes, its almost 100 years old now), by the US Federal Government. Most people don’t know that it is actually one of the oldest and the most powerful bodies in the field of global K-12 accreditation. Let me as the mother of a child, who completed his studies from NWAC Board, help you in understanding what NWAC Board is. My only intention behind this is to apprise parents and students about the availability of a valid and accepted K-12 option, that could help students to complete their school education from an alternate channel besides the more ‘known’ Boards in India.

Let me first begin, by passing my judgement on the validity and acceptability of NWAC Board. Northwest Accreditation Commission Board is VALID & ACCEPTED…period. I am not being judge mental on this on the basis of shared or collected information and knowledge. My son Tushar, who is pursuing his B.Com and is currently in his second year and doing very well (he is ranked second in his batch, by the way), is the best example that underlines the fact that NWAC Board is valid and accepted. Tushar was a very bright student till class tenth, and due to some health issues, he couldn’t perform well in the subsequent months. He completed his class 12th from NWAC Board associated school (the Program is called American High School Diploma Program), and he enrolled in the B.Com program at a college of one of the most reputed universities in India.

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This one example is enough to state that Northwest Accreditation Commission Board is valid for admissions to all undergraduate programs in India. There was never any question about its validity outside of India. Of course, that means that it is accepted and valid globally.

It is important to understand that students go through a lot of pressure from parents, peers and alike, especially during the time when they are in class X and XII. It is also imperative for parents to be aware of all the possible options that they can consider for their children. I am a happy mother as I opted for NWAC Board, and I am sure that my example will benefit a lot of parents and children.

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